I help women who seem entirely put together actually feel that way.

For over sixteen years, I’ve helped people experience mindset breakthroughs that allow them to turn their lives around, resolve years of emotional pain and suffering, be happy, win national awards, 10x their business, and more.

I’m the secret weapon behind the scenes for ambitious, high-achieving women. Ironic, considering I spent years keeping weapons out of the hands of people I worked with (I’ll get to that).

These days I help women like you resolve emotional pain, self-doubt, and everything that keeps you stuck, so you can confidently pursue your goals and transform your life from the inside out.

My entire life I’ve been empowering others,

including myself.

Before being a licensed therapist and a highly-sought after global coach, I was a young girl creating pompoms out of paper towels and cheering myself on to be and do more as I plotted a master escape from a home with alcoholism and violence. I was determined not to become a statistic or be a prisoner to a life of working endless hours just to put the basics on the table. 

Curious about life on the “other side,” I was fascinated with what makes some people thrive while others continue to struggle. 

Supercharged with self-belief and fearless conviction, there was only one option for me – to change my life. Education was my way out. So, at the age of nineteen, all alone, I moved miles away from home to attend university.

Master at figuring out what makes people tick…

During my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, I was recruited to work in forensics. Now, you might be thinking “CSI,” but instead of solving crimes, I was figuring out what made people tick and helping them turn their lives around.

Cool job, eh? (I’m Canadian)

rozanna wyatt life coach

Here’s a secret:

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

I knew continuing to work in the field of forensics would be my death sentence. The “code” was to maintain the status quo. Go figure since my job was to influence change.

In hindsight, I can see how this experience laid a clear path for me to embrace my passion for empowering others, with my obsession with psychology, coaching, and leadership. Without a doubt — I know I was placed on this planet to work like-minded ambitious women (like you), to empower you to thrive in all areas of your life.

From humble beginnings, to three university degrees in human behavior – BA, BSW, MSW from Dalhousie University, to working in forensics, testifying in court, to 16 years of providing psychotherapy for a variety of mental health issues and coaching people to become their best selves, to teaching at universities, to holding clinical leadership positions, to an executive coaching and life coaching certification, to specialized training in leadership and high-performance, to CBT, EMDR, and MI, to starting a psychotherapy practice, to expanding my coaching business globally, to being a contributing author, to a 2021 official honoree of the Brainz CREA Global award, I’m living proof when you believe in your abilities; you can create the change you seek. 

I believe inner acceptance is the ultimate catalyst for fulfillment and success.

By saying no to the things I didn’t want in my life and understanding what held me back from embracing what I did want, I realized success is an inside-outside job.

I always knew I was a gifted therapist and coach; after all, my clients coined me the “fifteen-minute miracle maker.”  

Yet, I didn’t own my unrivaled abilities out of fear of being conceited.  

I kept my client wins to myself, and I wanted to please others. 

rozanna wyatt life coach
Rozanna Wyatt
rozanna wyatt life coach

The truth is, I was wearing the mask of “Good Girl Syndrome.”

And this became more evident in 2019 when I hit an invisible plateau I could not break through.

There I was, a sought-after coach and therapist creating massive transformations for my clients, yet I felt stuck personally and professionally. I wasn’t moving any closer to my goals.

To say I was ashamed and confused is an understatement.  I started to question everything. Up to this point in my life, I had never held back from pursuing what I wanted. Now I was.

What I didn’t realize at the time, I had developed a subconscious (hidden) fear of rejection.

Why, you ask?

Rejection is what I experienced from those close to me as I achieved more and more success in my life. They could not accept what I had achieved or where I was going. So, I started to self-sabotage by playing small and listening to the inner critic. 

To overcome this fear, I engaged in life-altering inner work and coaching, which was like walking into a sticky cobweb in the middle of the night. And in doing so, I resolved years of emotional pain I didn’t even realize was impacting me.

Each of us is unique, and while our stories, challenges and goals might be different, I can tell you this. 

 Inner work is the fastest and most transformational way to thrive.

Allow me to show you the way.

Even ambitious women get stuck sometimes.

My clients have achieved or overcome a lot before they start working with me.

…But after I help them eliminate their blocks, they discover unshakeable calm confidence, deeper connections, inner peace, and unbelievable performance.

Most importantly, they become liberated to access their instincts, own their ideas, give up perfection, and be seen in all their greatness.

Here are just a few things my clients have accomplished:

Healed years of emotional pain and trauma, allowing them to like themselves, feel joy, and develop deeper connections 

Overcame self-doubt and the fear of failure, and developed the confidence to make multi-million dollar decisions

Resolved negative core beliefs, sky-rocketed their motivation, and developed calm confidence

10x’ed their company in just eight months

Received a career-altering promotion after resolving self-doubt, and developed a renewed sense of who they are

Overcame performance anxiety, becoming a national-level MVP athlete

Which brings me to you

The expression ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is precisely why working with Rozanna is a MUST for anyone who is driven to take their performance to the next level. Rozanna has guided me beyond that elusive ‘something’ I knew I was missing but couldn’t see or grasp… I now have a clear vision, improved performance, results, and reality. I reached out to her and have never looked back!”

– D. Ledi, Senior Leader & Entrepreneur

Rozanna Wyatt is the missing link between Tony Robbins and John Maxwell. She guided me to capitalize on my inherent strengths to maximize my performance. I still return to what she taught me when I need realignment. A world-class experience, a world-class coach.”

– G. Litvinov, Financial Services Leader and Entrepreneur

Working with Rozanna was like being thrown a life raft when drowning — it was that profound. I felt deeply understood and empowered. I was heard and respected for who I am, how I show up in the world, and what I was created to do in my life.”

– C. Washbrook, Entrepreneur

You’re a successful woman and leader.

And I want you to feel that way.

I know how frustrating and confusing it is when you’re not achieving the results you want and are capable of, or you’re simply not where you want to be in life.

Self-doubt and confusion swirl inside of you like a rapid rollercoaster circling on the same track.

…And, then there’s the emotional pain you keep tucked deep inside you. 

You’re strong enough to carry it, but, if I may – – it doesn’t mean you should or that you have to do it alone. 

Even ambitious, high-achieving women can lack confidence, get stuck, and experience internal pain that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

I need you to know it’s not your fault. 

Your desire to release the emotional pain and everything the keeps you stuck, shows how courageous, strong, and ambitious you are.

You can resolve the pain, self-doubt, and everything that keeps you stuck.

And, you have someone that’s willing to walk alongside you on your journey. 

So, if you’re not spending your life the way you want to, let’s talk about it.

It’s time you felt as successful as you are.

Ready to transform your life?

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