Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need a referral for therapy or coaching?

No, you don’t need a referral to work with me.

You simply need to click the “book a call” page on my website to set a complimentary phone consultation. This is the first step before any appointments are booked. Consultation ensures we are the right fit for each other.

You can also email or phone at 587-337-5220 with any questions.


Is therapy like what you see on TV, and how long will I need to go for?

No! I won’t be staring at you from behind a clipboard. I’ll be applauding you for your courage, strength, and desire to improve your life. Together, we’ll focus on your strengths, solutions and eliminate the painful things keeping you stuck.  

Is everything we discuss kept confidential?

Yes! As a Registered Masters Level Social Worker, I am required to keep everything confidential unless you indicate serious risk or harm to yourself or others.

Where are you licensed to practice as a therapist?

I’m licensed to practice therapy in the province of Alberta. 

What are your therapy fees, how do I pay, and do you direct bill?

A 50-minute therapy session is $220.

A 90-minute therapy session is $350.

You will receive an electronic invoice via email on the day of your appointment. Payment is due before your session, and you can pay by credit card, a debit visa card, or e-transfer. A receipt will be sent directly to your email, which you can submit to your extended health plan, or keep for income tax purposes. 

Direct billing is available to those with Alberta Blue Cross as their insurance provider.

*Please check your health plan to be familiar with the requirements and funding available. 


What are your performance coaching fees, and who do you work with?

Performance coaching is exclusively offered within coaching packages. 

3-month performance coaching package is $4997.

6-month performance coaching package is $9997.

Performance coaching is for professionals, entrepreneurs, and executive leaders.

*Fees subject to increase, and may vary depending on the scope of work with a client. 


Do you offer virtual therapy and coaching?

Yes! Virtual therapy is available throughout the province of Alberta.

Performance Coaching is available globally.   

What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

EMDR is considered evidence-based therapy by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the World Health Organization. 

EMDR provides better results or similar results in a shorter time period compared to other therapy modalities. 

EMDR is based on the theory that when a person is upset by a particular event, their brain cannot process information as it does ordinarily.  The event or, in some situations, trauma becomes “frozen” and has a lasting negative effect on the way a person sees themselves, the world, and other people. The frozen event or trauma is what creates the symptoms you’re experiencing.

EMDR is not about learning to cope better, developing skills, or improving your self-awareness. 

EMDR is about completely resolving your issue by addressing the root of the problem. When the root of the issue is resolved, your symptoms go away.


What can EMDR help with?

EMDR can treat almost anything. Trauma, anxiety (including performance anxiety, for example, the fear of public speaking, being in high-pressure situations, etc.), changing limiting beliefs (i.e., negative thoughts and rumination), confidence and self-esteem issues, depression, and more. 

EMDR is also used for performance enhancement to excel in athletics, business, entrepreneurship, and the creative arts.

Can I work with you without doing EMDR, if I'm seeing you for therapy?

You’re in charge of your therapy, and in some situations, EMDR is not suitable. That said, after 16-years of clinical practice and training in a variety of treatment modalities, I can tell you EMDR is unrivaled in producing lasting results because it resolves the root of the issue instead of solely treating the symptoms. Therefore, if appropriate, I often recommend EMDR.

What is an EMDR Intensive, and what's involved?

The traditional model of weekly therapy is shifting to meet your needs. Now more than ever, we need flexibility in how we get support. 

An EMDR intensive is a one, two, or three day experience. 

What’s involved with an EMDR Intensive?

-We’ll start with a 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your interests and to determine suitability. 

-An initial 1.5- 2 hour traditional talk therapy appointment aimed at understanding your difficulties, and identifying the root of your challenges and the best path forward (aka going for the roots, connecting the dots, and developing your customized roadmap to resolve what keeps you stuck).

-A 90-minute preparation session where I teach you relaxation techniques, and we develop your custom road map for what we’re working on.

-After this, we’ll book your one, two, or three day EMDR Intensive Experience.

*Note- For some people, weekly sessions are more suitable than intensives.                                        


Do you specialize in any areas?

Yes, I specialize in working with professional women, high-achievers and performers, and executive leaders. I’m known for my therapy and coaching work in these areas:

Confidence building, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, negative thinking and limiting beliefs, anxiety (including performance anxiety), burnout, stress and overwhelm, childhood and adult trauma, perfectionism, lack of fulfilment, depression, relationship patterns, and leadership development. 

Can I do a regular therapy intensive?

Absolutely! Sometimes attending weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions feels like one more “to do,” or you simply want more time to dive-deeper into a particular topic or issue you’re working on. An intensive is a great alternative to the traditional weekly model. 

What's the cost for Intensives?

A half-day intensive is $1297

A one-day Intensive is $2150

A two-day Intensive is $3997

*Prices subject to change.

Is it true you were on the same award list as Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown?

Yes, in 2021, I was an official honoree of the Brainz CREA Global Award, which recognized my innovation in mental health and business. In 2021, Oprah Winfrey was a notable icon on this same award list.

And in 2022, I was given the award again, and was among icons like Brene Brown!

Will you see my teenage daughter for therapy?

I’d love to be able to say yes, but my time working with young women is for performance coaching. You can email me ( to inquire, and we’ll see if it could be possible, but I can’t guarantee anything.

What's your experience working with teenagers?

I’m glad you asked! Throughout my entire career, I’ve always worked with adolescents in some capacity. Initially, I specialized in adolescent mental health and youth forensics for six years, before transitioning to work with both adults and adolescents. 

In terms of performance coaching for athletes, I’ve worked with volleyball teams, figure skaters, hockey players, basketball players, equestrians, and gymnasts. 

While my current private practice specializes in working with professional women, I maintain a portion of my time to working with young female athletes (age 15+) via performance coaching. Given my passion for working with young women, and the intersection of confidence, high-performance, and empowerment, this seemed like the perfect option! 

How will I book future appointments?

Once we mutually decide working together is the right fit, you’ll be provided with direct scheduling links to book all future appointments.